“Too often in our lives, we sacrifice,” starts the director’s note for Outré Theatre Company’s production oftick, tick. . . BOOM!, a semi-autobiographical tale of the life of Broadway musical composer Jonathan Larson. But are we really? Sacrificing, that is.

tick, tick. . . BOOM! was loaded with layers when Larson wrote it, but became even more layered after his sudden death a few years later. The events surrounding BOOM!are what was going on in Larson’s life as he was trying to create what became the mega musical Rent, which changed the face of modern Broadway theater. Although Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice had written Broadway musicals with a rock music score, Larson did something different. With Rent, he told a contemporary tale of a group of twentysomethings living in the 1990s, when AIDS had seeped into many corners of young lives, gay and straight.

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