On a trip to London in 1989, a matinee fell through and, in desperation, my sister and I settled for seeing a film of Henry V, starring and directed by some young guy named Kent Brannaw or some such name.

When I walked back into the sunlight, the source of my bliss was easy to identify: For years to come, I could savor whatever this Kenneth Branagh pursued as an artist. Some projects would work, some would not. But here was a fresh, exciting talent whose latest efforts I would eagerly scarf up like a new William Goldman novel or a Nanci Griffith album.

In other words, the delight of discovery. Audience members have few joys as pungent as discovery.

Which brings us to the fledgling Outré Theatre Company and Tuesday night’s staged reading of the ink-black comic drama Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead at Empire Stage – and Outré’s reading in May of the chamber musical tick…tick…BOOM.

I don’t want to slather the praise too thickly on this shoestring company that won’t be tested by mounting a full-fledged production until late this fall.

But if these two shows are any indication, South Florida’s theater scene may be on the verge of welcoming a significant new voice.

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