Date: Friday 16 February 2018

Time: 8:00pm

Place: Pompano Beach Cultural Center, 50 W. Atlantic Boulevard, Pompano Beach FL 33060

Warning: This production is for mature audiences only (17+) and contains strong language, violence, sexual themes, and prop weapons.

The Outré Theatre Company is proud to announce the East Coast premiere of Reservoir Dolls, inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s film and adapted by Erika Soerensen. This reimagining of the classic 1992 indie film recasts its characters as women, examining how our culture treats violence differently depending on the gender of the perpetrator.  Outré’s production is also the first time that the production has been directed by a woman, in this case Assistant Artistic Director Shannon Ouellette.

“In this adaptation, Soerensen asks how we would regard the foul-mouthed, violent criminals of Tarantino’s film if those same criminals happened to be women,” said Shannon Ouellette, Outré’s Assistant Artistic Director and the director of the production. “By doing this, Soerensen lays bare our society’s attitudes towards strong women, and towards this passive misogyny that oftens treats women as if they’re just fragile playthings, rather than individuals with their own demons and violent natures.”

When an underworld boss gathers six criminals for a diamond heist, both she and they expect the job to be an easy one, a simple robbery with a very lucrative payout. But when the heist goes very, very wrong, and the women become convinced that there is a rat in their midst, suspicions and tempers run rampant, and longtime friendships and alliances become increasingly frayed.

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